Spring Derby


2017 Georgian Triangle Anglers Association Spring Trout Derby

$15,000 in cash and prizes

12:01 am. April 22 – 6 pm. May 6

Salmon 1st $1000     2nd $500      3rd Fishing Charter

Rainbow 1st $1000    2nd $500     3rd  Fishing Charter

Brown 1st $1000       2nd $500      3rd Fishing Charter

Lake Trout 1st $1000    2nd $500    3rd Fishing Charter

Saturday April 29 Ladys Day $1000 Prize Package 

Kids Under 15 Prizes

1st  $1000 GT Prize Package + Virtual Benefits Blue Jay Tickets  

2nd  $150 GT Prize Package + $100 Ricks Happi Hooka 

3rd Place $100 +  GT Prize Package +

Awards Sunday May 7 at 2pm. Pentun Consevation Area

GTAA Club House

Many Draw Prizes to choose from and silent auction.

Food and Beverages Served for all in attendance.

Hatchery tours will also be provided to anyone participating.

Derby Tickets $20 for single/ $30 for Family

All fish entered must be minimum 5lbs to qualify.

E transfer for Derby Tickets stevewamis@hotmail.com

 Some photos from our 2016 spring derby Results below bb5d5a8ffe8016c3c66af23b7e40f885x



Heaviest Rainbow Trout

1st Kevin Sly AC Shiner 16.38lbs
2nd BJ Brew AC Shiner 12.50lbs
3rd Matt Griffin Cleo 8.82lbs

Brown Trout

1st Dylan Hogg AC Shiner 8.54lbs
2nd Chris Yates Spawn 6.42lbs
3rd Herb Wilson Canadian Wiggler 6.02lbs


1st Barry Sporbeck Hotfish 10.58lbs
2nd Craig Bartlett Hotfish 9.88lbs
3rd Tony Degasperis Hotfish 9.59lbs

Kids 15 & under

1st Sophia Light 12yrs old Salmon 8.32lbs
2nd Steven Sly 15yrs old Rainbow 6.62lbs
3rd Kyren Sherar 4yrs old Rainbow 5.90lbs

Hanna Ford Big Fish of the Day

April 15th Jerry Pynr 5.20lbs
April 16th No Winner
April 17th Aaron Marino 6.76lbs
April 18th Matt Griffin 8.82lbs
April 19th Mike Yoshimoto 7.02lbs
April 20th Kevin Sly 16.38lbs
April 21st No Winner
April 22nd Don Cutting 7.86lbs
April 23rd Ron McCarl 7.78lbs
April 24th No Winner
April 25th No Winner
April 26th Steven Sly 6.62lbs
April 27th Will Hanna 6.92lbs
April 28th BJ Brew 12.50lbs
April 29th No Winner April 30th No Winner

We had one Change to the leader board today with Dylan Hogg catching a new 1st place Brown trout that weighed 8.54lbs. We have no big fish of the day.

The awards were handed out at our club house on May 1st starting at 2pm with a BBQ, Silent auction, arms length draws and Hatchery tours. This was open to public.

We at GTAA would like to thank all of the people who helped make this derby a success. A special thank you to all the weigh stations and to our many sponsors without your help and support this derby could not happen.

2016 Georgian Triangle Spring Trout Derby Rules and Regulations
1) The derby runs from 12:01 am Fri April 15th. 2016, to Sat April 30th. at 6:00 pm All fish must be caught during the derby and be officially weighed in by 6.PM April 30th 2016. Entry fee is $20.00 for individual & 30.00 for a family (based on Husband, Wife, and Children under 16 years of age, who have not turned 16 by April 30th. (SEE NOTE AT BOTTOM) One paid entry fee guarantees the entry of legally caught fish into the Derby provided that the entrant was registered in the contest at least one calendar day before the catch of the fish being entered. Tickets will be valid from the day of registration only if purchased by clients from an authorized charter boat operator (while using their services that day), in which case a fish may be entered the day of ticket purchased, if caught after the ticket purchase.
2) The eligible waters for this contest include all waters legally open for angling in the Georgian Bay watershed including the Bay proper. Minimum entry weight restrictions: 5 pounds for Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout &, Salmon. All fish must be entered at the official Georgian Triangle Fish Derby weigh-in stations. The official registration identification card must be presented each time a fish is weighed in. The weigh-in stations are: Rick’s Happi Hooka, First St, Collingwood(705-293-1919) Wasaga Marine, 1237 Mosley St., Wasaga Beach, (705) 429-2100; , Gyles Sails & Marine, 4 King St. W. (at Bruce St. N.,) Thornbury, (519) 599-7050,( U-Catchum Charters Hwy 26., Meaford , & Spirit Rock Outpost Hwy 6 main St Wiarton (519-534-5168), Watsons Tackle House, Owen Sound (519-371-0090)
3) Weigh-in stations are open from 9 am to 6 pm or their regular store hours. The internal clock at each weigh
Station determines their closing time. To be eligible for prizes fish must be taken by legal means using
a Rod & Reel & by the registered entrant
4) A fish may be entered only once and will be disqualified from re-entry by punching a hole in the right gill plate at the weigh-in station at the time of original weigh-in. Fish in contention for any prize must be kept by the entrant frozen and whole (not gutted) and in their possession until released by the organizers or the awarding of the prizes.
5) Only fish that are whole (not gutted) may be entered in the Derby. Fish with a snag or foul hook marks, gaff or gill net marks, even if taken legitimately by the contestant, will not be accepted. Fish that are or have been frozen, badly deteriorated or washed out looking will not be accepted.
6) Organizers may hold any fish for a biological examination. All fish in contention for a major prize in any category may be presented for this examination if asked to do so by the organizers. Winners may also be asked to present their fish for promotional pictures at the presentation ceremonies. Leading or any fish may be held upon entry for eligibility ruling.
7) After being examined by a biologist, any fish that fails to exhibit a contaminant profile consistent with profile data obtained by Environment Canada from a similar fish listed from eligible waters will be deemed ineligible for this contest whether or not in fact the contestant claims that all other rules were adhered to. Prize awards may be held pending analysis.
8) It may be required for contestants eligible for prizes to sign an affidavit, sworn before a notary public, stating that the fish entered was legally caught within the rules of the contest. The derby Committee shall in their absolute discretion be entitled to disqualify any entry for any reason or suspicion that there has been a breach of the rules.
9) Prizes shall be awarded as follows 1st $1000.00 2nd $500.00 3rd. $250.00 in the Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout & Salmon categories..There will be $100.00 for the heaviest Trout or Salmon caught by Kid under 16. There will be. $50.00 prize awarded for the heaviest Rainbow Trout caught daily. The judge’s decision will be final.
10) Eligibility while fishing from boats: Anglers who compete in this Derby while fishing from a boat must ensure that all persons aboard have valid derby registrations. If any person aboard is without a valid derby registration, any and all fish brought aboard the craft will be deemed ineligible for entry in the Derby, and would therefore not qualify for prizes.
11) All prizes will be awarded (if possible) on May 1st 2016 at the Awards, Silent Auction & BBQ held at the Georgian Triangle Anglers Association Club House. All other prizes will be mailed out, or can be picked up. Prize winner not in attendance may claim their prize by contacting the Georgian Triangle Anglers’ Association until July 31st, 2016. Any prizes not claimed before this time will revert to the ownership of the Georgian Triangle Anglers’ Association to be used as prizes in future fish derbies.
12) All prizes must be accepted as presented; all prize winners agree upon request, to execute a release in favor of the organizers and sponsors. Any and all disputes by contestants must be presented at Derby Headquarters by 12:00 p.m. closing day. The Georgian Triangle Anglers’ Association, P.O. Box 224, Collingwood, Ontario, L9Y 3Z5. In any disputes, the decision of the organizers will be final in all matters.
13) Participants agree to abide by the regulations of the Fish and Game Act, the Ministry of Transportation Small Boat Regulations, all Municipal and Township bylaws, and the rules and regulations of the contest as set out by the organizers of the Georgian Triangle Spring Trout Derby.
14) No person who has been found guilty of contravening fisheries related section of the Provincial Fish and Game Act within the last 5 years is eligible to enter a fish or win prizes in this Derby. This relates to any violation involving fish. Disqualification will result.
15) It is a condition of entry that the entrant agrees to and releases the organizers, sponsors and Derby Committee from any and all claims for damages and liability of any nature however caused at any time.
16) The Georgian Triangle Spring Trout Derby weigh-in stations personnel are eligible to register in this contest, but they may not weigh in their own fish and the weigh-in must be witnessed by an impartial observer and weighed in at a different weigh-in station than the one they operate.
***** The Georgian Triangle Spring Trout Derby Committee endeavors to operate a quality derby and our rules try to ensure this.
We do not condone poaching or the illegal taking of fish.
The proceeds form this derby will go towards much needed repairs & up grades to our hatchery & conservations projects of GTAA.
Prize awards or portions thereof may be held pending legal proceedings.
NOTE—Entry $30. Per, family (based on husband, wife & children under 16 years of
age, or grandpa, grandma, & grandkids under 16, big brother or big sister with there little
brother or sister under 16 or your favorite neighbor kid under 16 you get the idea.
.When ticket is purchased you MUST INCLUDE their names on both sides of your family
ticket then Not later