Fall Derby




GTAA Fall Salmon & Trout Derby
Daily derby report
Final report

Derby results
1st – Caitlin MacInnis 20.58lbs
2nd – Chris Yates 20.14lbs
3rd – Corbin McCartney 19.06lbs

1st – Adam McDonald Laker 17.27lbs
2nd – Korey Orson Laker 9.77lbs
3rd – John Montgomery Laker 9.36lbs

Week 1 Winners Caitlin MacInnis Salmon
Pierre Reeves Trout

Week 2 Winners Chris Yates Salmon
Adam McDonald Trout

It has been a good couple of weeks I would like to thank all the weigh stations and everyone who participated for being a part of our derby. Hope to see lots of people at the BBQ & awards ceremony this afternoon.
Awards ceremony will begin at 2:30 pm Saturday September 24. On GTAA club property. Pentun conservation area
All are welcome to attend BBQ and refreshments.